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We Tried On Our Newest Arrivals and... Wow.

We know that one of the hardest parts of online shopping is YOU CAN’T TRY ANYTHING ON, and we get it. That’s why we are doing our very best to showcase our new arrivals on some of our beautiful shoppers.

It’s our way of bringing reno personal shopping to you, virtually. We know it is helpful to see how a top lays, where a dress hits, and how different styles compliment different bodies, so we tried on our latest arrivals just for you. If you see something you love, visit the link to BLFT’s online boutique, Reno ladies, or ladies from out of state, we’ll get your purchase to your door as quickly as possible. 

1. This top: comfy, adjustable, and stylish!

This top doesn’t need to be tried on, and we love it for three specific reasons. It passes the comfort test, you can adjust it, and showcases your waistline. Pair it with one of our basic tanks-- our double lines are the bomb-- and a cute pair of jeans or leggings, and you’re ready to go. This Reno personal stylist is doing her best to bring style and confidence to you when you skip the fitting room. 

2. cozy cropped sweater- show off your jeans or pair it with a skirt!

Dress this cropped sweater up or down! Our personal styling tip is layering it over a high-neck tank or a fitted dress! It would also do well under a pair of overalls, and you can unbutton it for a cardigan look. Adding pieces to your wardrobe that can be styled multiple ways gets the most use out of your purchase. 

We love this sweater dress because it’s cozy, has the cutest print in the game, and adds a sexy stylish piece to your fall wardrobe. We want to offer our customers personal shopping in Reno that offers unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else. This dress ties all of this into one. Hit the link and grab it before it’s gone!

Reno’s favorite fashion boutique is working hard to bring you new trends in creative ways. Don’t forget you can send us a message on Instagram to reserve a time to shop and have the store to yourself!! If you need some guidance on what color might look best on you or what style might compliment your body, we have two personal stylist sisters running the show, and we’d be happy to help you! Happy fall, stay safe, and healthy. We hope to see you soon. 



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