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Elevate your Style with a few Simple Upgrades

Handbag: Invest in a quality neutral handbag, and carry it everyday. Spending a little more on a handbag that is quality leather, designer, and versatile adds instant sophistication to whatever outfit you are wearing.

Shoes: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your shoes are the anchor of your outfit. Investing in a few quality pairs of shoes will ensure that your look is always tasteful and elegant. Think about the shoes that you wear most often, and save up a little extra to splurge on those. For me, it's a pair of llittle black booties. I invest in a quality pair each year or sometimes every other year, and I wear them on repeat.

Outerwear: A neutral nice coat is an item in your closet you can get A TON of mileage out of. Going neutral (meaning a camel, taupe, nude, or grey) will allow you to reach for this piece and have it go with almost every outfit you own. Take the guesswork out of your outerwear, and incorporate one quality piece that will keep you smart and chic, everyday.

I am a HUGE fan of mixing high and low fashion. I invest in a few quality pieces each year, and I wear them on repeat. From there, I can add fun & unique event wear, tops, and accessories, to create differing looks. Elevate your everyday look with these 3 pieces. Go quality over quantity when it comes to handbag, shoes, and a neutral outerwear.

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