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The five 2020 Trends we are Most Excited For

Fashion is consistenly FUN. I love seeing old styles retire, new looks take over, and timeless pieces prevail year after year. What we wear is like a time stamp of a period in our lives. How fun is it to look back at pictures from middle school, high school, college, or even just a couple years ago? Suddenly that Ed Hardy shirt and those True Religion boot cut jeans become repulsive. How and why does something go from being the hottest to cringe worthy, simply with time?

// The things that are all the rage, turn the page right before our eyes //

Often times we hold on to pieces that mean something to us in hopes that one day they come back in style, and usually if you wait long enough, they do. However, they always come back with a slight variation. Take the Levis trend that is happening right now. The 1950's legendary denim style is back and everyone is looking for that perfect vintage pair of 701's or wedgie fit. Yet, if we are lucky enough to find them there is just something that is slightly off. I know a bunch of people who had to get the waist taken in, or the bottoms tapered even more. Then of course, Levi's come out with the styles with modern improvements such as spandex in the blend to make them stretchy and comfortable or super high rise skinny jeans. Trends are fun to play with, indulge in, and incorporate into our lives mostly because of they way they make us feel when we wear them. When we see pictures we remember the feeling of buying the piece, the confidence we felt when we wore it, and often times we remember where and when we wore it. It's like fabric is woven into our memory. Fashion and clothes are so much more than fabric that we put on our bodies. Trends evoke lasting emotion that we like to revisit. Soooo to wrap it up, here are the trends we are MOST excited for in 2020. Let's make some memories and when it's their time to go let's bless them and move on, but not forget them! There is a massive amount of 70's influence in 2020.... to say the least.

#1 Statement Sleeve

This is something that has been trending for awhile but it is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Think bubble, ruffle, fringe, parachute, pleated, bishop, textured and printed sleeves. The bigger the better!

#2 Polka Dots

Cheetah and snake skin are still happening, but this year is welcoming a new playful print into the mix. Big dots, small dots, or even mixed. This print is going to be popping up everywhere so when you see that tasteful and fun piece snag it and rock it with confidence.

#3 Suits

Towards the end of 2019 the oversized blazers were on fire but 2020 wants the whole shabang! The power suit should never not be in style. Don't be afraid to embrace this trend with loud bright colors and mismatched textures. The runway even paired blazers with Bermuda short bottoms (these awful length shorts are coming back and I'm not thrilled about it), but really what it means is anything goes! The disco collar is also coming back, not just paired with a suit but how perfectly 70's fab would it be to combine the two trends!

#4 Crochet

You'll be seeing a lot of your grandma's stitching in 2020 from full crochet dresses to small crochet bra tops. It's familiar and feminine and something almost all of us can incorporate into our wardrobes. If you don't want to commit to a full crochet top keep your eyes out for tops with crochet detailing, an easier way to hit the trend while still keeping it classic.

#5 Loafers

I might be most excited about this footwear trend. I have always loved the preppy and sophisticated look a loafer delivers to an outfit and now there are so many options available. From snake skin, to chunky platforms get yourself a pair for 2020! My favorite loafers are by German shoe designer Paul Green, they are so comfortable (after you break them in). I have two pairs one in burgundy, and a pair in black with stud detail. Because of their comfort, I wear them when I travel pictured in Ireland below.

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