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Filling Your Clear Handbag

So you love the clear handbag trend but your purse currently holds everything you need "just in case" and you happen to always win the "What's in my purse" game at baby showers.... Girl, it's time to let go and get organized! Also, those baby shower prizes aren't worth carrying around a 25lb purse everywhere you go. But we totally get it! We've been there and there really are things you need in your purse that you might not want to show off to the world (tampons, medications, etc.).

Below we have some tips on keeping some of that clutter hidden away in those clear handbags and more.

Small Colorful or Patterned Bags

Add a pop of color to your clear bag with mini bags to store some of those goodies you'd rather not showcase to the world or smaller items you want to keep together, such as tampons, chapstick, makeup, etc.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Keep it Simple

Better yet... Lose the extra clutter! I love a simply styled clear handbag. A small colorful wallet paired with your favorite pair of sunglasses, maybe a small notebook or bright colored lip gloss and your phone all look amazing and aesthetically pleasing if color coordinated! This look might help you clear out all those unwanted items that have been lingering in your purse for awhile too.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Team Spirit

Need a clear handbag to cheer on your favorite team? Tie a scarf or bandanna with your teams colors on it! Simple yet super cute way to add a little something to your handbag.

Shop our Let's Be Clear Handbag HERE.

Need more? See more inspo on our Pinterest, CLICK HERE.

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