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Transitioning your style from Winter to Spring

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

As the days get brighter and the weather gets warmer you want your outfits to reflect not only the time of year but your mood as well. This doesn't mean that you need to go out and buy an all new spring wardrobe. Instead, wear the pieces you already have in different ways. From there, you can decided if you want to add a few key items to complete your spring wardrobe to keep your looks fresh! Here are 5 tips to help you embrace the season with what you already have .

1. Wear your neutrals with an added pop of color

Just because its spring does not mean you need to toss out your blacks, grey, taupes, and browns. Countinue to wear all your go-to winter neutrals, but incorporate a pastel piece or a pop of bright color. You can do this by adding a blazer in a shade like baby pink, or go bold with a bright statement earring, bag or scarf.

2. Sweaters paired with skirts

Don't put those chunky knit sweaters to the back of the closet just yet, pair with a skirt and achieve a contrast of textures and a chic look while keeping the volume on the top half and light and airy on the bottom half.

3. Summer Dress + Over the Knee Boots

All those sweet airy summer dresses you have stored in the back of your closet, break them out, but this time pair them with over the knee boots. The boots will keep you warmer and are more appropriate for the season. They can also give a dressier vibe to the outfit if you are going on date night, or to a dinner party.

3. Lightweight outerwear

Invest in a one or two lightweight outerwear pieces, such as a blazer, trench, or caridgan. These are perfect for the in between temps because they are light weight and they won't weigh you down in the warm afternoons of spring, but keep you warm in the mornings and evenings. We all know how bi-polar our weather can be one minute your sweating bullets and the next you're shivering.

4. Light colored denim + mules

Instead of reaching for your black/grey/and dark denim choose a light wash or white pant. This will instantly brighten up your outfit and give more of a fresh feel to your look. Pair the sky blue hues with a chunky mule or open toe shoe. Showing off the ankles and toes makes you one step closer to sandals.

5. Flirty Floral

When I think of spring I think of tulips and bright colored flowers its like a rebirth we get to look forward to each year. Breakout your floral print for an instant mood booster. The smaller floral prints are really popular this year so keep your eyes peeled for the piece that calls your name and maybe its the purchase you make this spring to add to your wardrobe.

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