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2019 Fall Fashion Trends

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Working on your Fall wardrobe and wondering what going to be trending this upcoming season? We've got you! We did our research and compiled a list of the 14 biggest trends to be on the lookout for this fall. From extra long coats to tiny handbags, there a lot of fun trends we can't wait to rock this season.

1. Layered Knits

Knits on knits on knits! Tying a knit sweater around the neck over another knit sweater was all over the runway this year. What about a knit cardigan over a knit sweater? Absolutely! Bring on all the layers.

2. Shades of Green

Doesn't matter the fabric, green is in this season. Pistachio seemed to be the shade that was especially prominent. And if you want to bring it to the next level, rock the color head-to-toe!

3. Tiny Handbags

Do it for the trend! Little handbags are the thing. All you need to carry are a couple cards, your phone and a lipstick anyway. The extra, extra tiny ones... well those are just to make a fashion statement, but we're all about it!

4. Lace and Leather

And we're not talking BDSM 😉.. Mix the hardcore look of leather and moto boots with a soft, feminine lace top or dress for this trend.

5. Colored Tights

Being someone who doesn't wear a lot of color, my favorite way to style this trend is in a head-to-toe nude or black outfit with just a pop over color as seen below with the leopard print outfit. But if you love to rock a bold color, go ahead and get many colors of tights because you can rock this trend countless ways.

6. Puff Sleeves and Ruffles

Feels a little like going back in time, and we LOVE it! While some of these tops are pretty simple otherwise, we love how you can easily take your outfit up a notch with dramatic puff sleeves and ruffles this fall.

7. Feathers

Feather handbags, feathered collars, feathered shoes... whatever the piece, add some feathers!

8. Patchwork

Patchwork or quilt, whatever you want to call this trend it undoubtedly made a statement on the runway this season. I'm personally planning on adding a patchwork jacket to my wardrobe this fall... or maybe pants! I can't decide.

9. The Graphic Tee

Don't you worry, that graphic tee you bought or found at the thrift store can still be worn into fall! This trend is so easy to style and we especially love how there are ENDLESS ways you can rock a graphic tee... Under a blazer, with a satin skirt, statement pants, etc.

10. Satin

Make it shine this season! Satin skirts, satin dresses, satin jumpsuits, satin tops... dress it up or dress it down, either way we can't wait to see how you rock the trend this fall.

11. Extra Long Coats

The longer the more fashionable! Trench coats have always been a staple piece for most wardrobes. These coats are so chic, look amazing over your professional work outfit and just as great paired with jeans and sneakers.

12. Statement Hats

Hats are always in and one way we like to take our outfits to the next level. This season they're only going to get bolder and more statement making!

13. Plaid

Plaid jackets, plaid sweaters, plaid pants and more we're seen making it's way down the runway this year and we're not mad about it. This easy to wear trend will be a lot of fun to style this season!

14. Put a Belt On It

We saw belts everywhere! Belts on coats, belts on blazers... big belts, skinny belts, chain belts, and more! Who doesn't love a good belt? This simple accessory can do so much for your outfit and not to mention the wonders it does for your waistline.

And that does it for fall trends! We saw many trends make it down the runway but we chose these because we felt they seemed to show up more frequently both on the runway and within the many, many articles and blogs we read. These are also trends we felt were easiest to translate into your own personal style and wardrobe. We hope you found this blog useful!

xo, ash


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